Implementation of Dance and Movement in Educational and Rehabilitation Work

The content of the workshop will introduce participants to the elements of authentic movement with techniques that help in raising awareness about personal movement and movement of others. It will also cover techniques of mirroring and aligning its own movement with movement of others.
The theoretical part of the workshop will cover the areas of the history of dance psychotherapy in the world and in Croatia and presentation of implemetation of  dance and movement in working with children with developmental disabilities.
Empirical part of the workshop will include personal and practical experience with dance and movement with the aim of expression and insight about the effects of one's movement on the environment.

  • The History of Dance Psychotherapy in the World
  • The Development of Dance Psychotherapy in Croatia
  • Implemetation of  Dance Psychotherapy and Certain Elements of Movement in the Activities
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Body and Space
  • Dialogue
  • Integration

Education Date U pripremi
Lecturers Ivana Macokatić
Registration Fee 500,00 kn
Maximum number of participants
Working hours 5 h
Application Deadline
Application Application form
Payments are made to the bank account of Day Care Centre for the rehabilitation Mali dom -Zagreb: HR0324020061100910592.
Be sure to specify the name of the education and the participant. Registration is considered valid after the payment.