Natural Cosmetics Activity within the Educational and Rehabilitation Programs

The workshop  covers the area of implementation of  natural cosmetics activities in the educational and rehabilitation work with children and youth with developmental disabilities, and people with disabilities.

The practical part of the workshop will include making of simple products like sugar body scrub, lip balm, massage bars and scented bath salts.

Upon successful completion of the workshop participants will be familiar with the principles of making natural cosmetics in the education and rehabilitation work, materials, aids, precautions and the basics of essential and base oil and other raw materials needed for the work.

  • Selection and proper handling of raw materials for the production of  natural cosmetics
  • Implemetation of  natural cosmetics activities in the context of the education and rehabilitation work
  • Making simple products by default recipes
Education Date 07. svibnja 2016.
Lecturers Nikolina Mihalić Kocijan, Mirjana Marojević
Registration Fee 500,00 kn
Maximum number of participants
Working hours 5 h
Application Deadline
Application Application form
Payments are made to the bank account of Day Care Centre for the rehabilitation Mali dom -Zagreb: HR0324020061100910592.
Be sure to specify the name of the education and the participant. Registration is considered valid after the payment.